Rare Builds: wml (Website Meta Language)

Welcome to the first posting of my new Rare Builds series. In this postings I'll describe the most easiest ways to get and install certain software on systems running with CentOS 6 or RHEL 6.

WML in this context is Website Meta Language, basically  a compiler for translating .wml files to .html. Not to be mixed up with Wireless Mark-up language which is a totally different beast! While the documentation of WML is still found at its original location it cannot be downloaded any longer. In fact old versions of WML cannot be compiled on CentOS/RHEL 6, since DynaLoader.a is no longer part of the perl RPM.

Fortunately there exists a fork which compiles on latest CentOS/RHEL releases. Version 2.0.12 compiled on my systems. 2.2.0 which switched from autoconf to cmake did not! Just leave a comment if you've got some more information on this.